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10 Reasons You Need to Hire an Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney

Settling a truck accident claim might seem like something you can do on your own. After all, you might have handled a small car accident claim without a lawyer, so you imagine you can handle a claim after a collision with a big truck. Unfortunately, tackling your own truck accident claim is a serious mistake. At Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys, we highly recommend reaching out to our Atlanta truck accident lawyers following a collision with a big rig or another commercial vehicle. Below, we offer 10 reasons why you need a lawyer in your corner.

1.       You Need Help Collecting Evidence of the Accident

You cannot bring a successful truck accident claim unless you have proof of what caused the collision. In most cases, a negligent truck driver will slam into you, possibly because of intoxication or distraction. In other accidents, a truck defect is to blame, such as failing brakes. The truck manufacturer or even a mechanic could be at fault for this defect.

Collecting evidence takes time. It also helps to know where to look. Our lawyers can easily step in and begin inspecting the vehicles involved, visiting the accident scene, and speaking to witnesses. We know how to pull together an airtight case for compensation that puts blame for the crash squarely on other people.

2.       The Trucking Company Will Have Investigators on the Scene within Hours

Trucking companies understand the importance of accidents. That’s why they send a team of investigators to the accident scene usually within a couple hours. They immediately begin combing the area to find physical evidence or to talk to witnesses.

Often, they are looking for any evidence that shows you are to blame for the wreck. The trucking company will then use this evidence later against you. They will claim you bear most of the blame and they shouldn’t have to pay you a penny. You need a lawyer by your side who can also begin finding evidence.

3.       You Need to Focus on Recuperating from Your Injuries

Although you might think you can search for evidence yourself, the reality is you need to focus on getting well. Truck accidents tend to cause painful injuries that require rehabilitation and rest. You owe it to yourself to focus 100% on getting well. Let your lawyers handle the legal issues.

4.       Trucking Companies Hide Evidence

Sometimes, the trucking company has evidence of fault. For example, they might have drug tested the driver soon after the crash. Imagine that the driver tests positive for cocaine or another drug. The trucking company might put those test results in the bottom of a drawer and lock it up. You need a lawyer who can request helpful evidence.

Other evidence includes electronic logs that are at risk of being erased. We can quickly tell a trucking company to preserve this evidence and seek help from a judge if the company refuses.

5.       A Lawyer Can Properly Value Your Claim

Do you know how much to request in compensation following a wreck? In our experience, victims settle for too little in compensation. It’s best going into negotiations to know much your claim is really worth.

Contact our legal team. We have decades of combined experience in truck accident cases. We know how to calculate a fair amount for medical care, lost income, property damage, and emotional distress and pain. As a result, we know when to settle because you are getting a good deal and when to continue fighting for a fair shake.

6.       Insurance Companies Deny Claims All the Time

The insurer that represents the trucking company has handled thousands of cases—maybe millions. They are perfectly comfortable denying even legitimate insurance claims. Without a lawyer, you probably have no idea what to do next. In fact, insurers are thrilled when they see someone without legal representation trying to get a settlement.  

7.       Trucking Companies Are Aggressive Negotiators

Negotiation is an art. It involves more than throwing numbers around and hoping that the other side agrees to one. Instead, you need a lawyer who can carefully map out a negotiation strategy based on the facts of the accident and your injuries. At Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys, we are skilled at sizing up the other side. We aren’t surprised when an insurer rejects our offer—in fact, we’ve planned for that to happen.

8.       You Need Someone Versed in Trucking Regulations

Many accidents stem from trucking companies breaking the law. The trucking industry has countless regulations that limit the number of hours a trucker can work, as well as limit the weight of the truck. If the company violates one of these regulations, they are probably negligent—and responsible for your accident.

Our team knows federal and state regulations inside and out. We can quickly analyze how the regulations apply to your case and research whether the trucking company has a history of violating them.

9.       A Lawyer Can File a Lawsuit when Negotiations Stall

We wish every case could settle quickly and for fair compensation. Unfortunately, some insurers are unreasonable. The only way to respond to an unreasonable insurer is to file a personal injury lawsuit in court. You need a lawyer who can file a complaint properly and ahead of the statutory deadline. Do not try to handle your case on your own, since one slip-up could cost you dearly. 

10.   You Deserve Someone Looking Out for You

This is a depressing time. Truck accidents leave many people unable to leave their home. You might not know where to turn when it feels like no one has your back.

We do. Your lawyer is the only one in this entire process who puts your well-being first.

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