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Nathan Hofman

Associate trial attorney

Nathan Hofman is an Associate Trial Attorney at Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys where he represents clients who are victims of negligence and civil rights violations. Nathan has represented clients in tractor-tailer accidents, sexual assaults, shootings, wrongful death actions, and catastrophic injury actions. Prior to joining the firm, Nathan started his career as a defense attorney, representing individuals, businesses, and insurance companies. This experience provides him with unique insights into how to best position a case for resolution, and how to best avoid pitfalls that defense attorneys utilize in litigation.


Nathan Hofman

Nathan Hofman

Nathan was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and completed his law degree at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he graduated with honors. While in law school, Nathan was an intern at the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Nathan takes pride in his “no nonsense” approach to representing his clients: he fights where fighting needs to happen but knows when to try and work amicably with others. Nathan is a true beliver in jury trials and loves the thrill of arguing a case in front of others. Outside of the legal profession, Nathan can be found making barbecue on the weekends, hiking his dog Hawkeye (M.A.S.H.), and supporting the Minnesota Wild.



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