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Considering Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit? Here are Four Steps You Need to Take

If you or someone you know was seriously hurt in an accident, you are certainly not alone. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports that nearly 1 in 5 of the nation’s 144 million emergency room visits each year are for “accidental injuries.” 

Injured victims can recover compensation through a personal injury claim—but there are things that you need to do before filing a lawsuit. In this article, our Atlanta personal injury attorneys discuss the key steps that you need to take before filing a personal injury lawsuit in Georgia. 

  1. Get Emergency Medical Attention and Ongoing Care

Medical needs always come first after a serious accident. In an emergency situation, it is imperative that an injured victim receives prompt medical attention. They need to go to the nearest hospital or emergency medical center. Non-emergency injuries should also be evaluated right away. Injured victims deserve all of the ongoing/follow-up care that is required. 

After an accident, professional medical care is crucial for your health and well-being. Beyond that, it is also a key step in the personal injury claims process. You cannot file a personal injury lawsuit in Georgia if you have not seen a doctor. Official medical records must be presented to prove the existence and severity of your injuries. 

  1. Make Sure the Incident is Reported and Implicated Defendants/Insurers are Notified

After getting medical care, the next key step in the personal injury claims process is to ensure that your accident is reported to the proper parties. Make sure that all implicated parties—including potential defendants and their insurance companies—are notified. As an example, a slip and fall accident in Atlanta should be reported to the responsible business/property owner. 

  1. Consult With an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury claims are complicated. You do not have to go up against the big insurance companies all by yourself. Before you consider filing a personal injury lawsuit, set up a free consultation with a top-rated Atlanta personal injury attorney. Among other things, your personal injury lawyer can: 

  • Answer your questions about the process
  • Explain your rights under Georgia law 
  • Thoroughly investigate your accident, and
  • Draft a demand letter seeking full financial compensation on your behalf. 
  1. Prepare for Personal Injury Settlement Negotiations

Few personal injury claims are actually resolved through a jury verdict. While you need a trial-tested lawyer on your side, it is far more likely that your claim will be resolved through a settlement. In fact, data from the federal government shows that fewer than 1 in 20 personal injury cases go to trial. You may enter settlement negotiations before you file a lawsuit.  

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