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Evidence for a Hair Product Lawsuit

Recent scientific studies have linked uterine cancer to certain chemicals and dyes found in common hair products, including relaxers. Many women have used these products for years, even decades. When they get a cancer diagnosis, they often don’t realize that common hair products are to blame.

Science has now shown that repeated use of the most common hair relaxers and straighteners increases the risk of uterine and endometrial cancer. At Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys, we are committed to helping those whose cancer stems from repeated use of popular hair products. Many lawsuits have been filed around the country seeking compensation for injured victims, and litigation is ongoing. You might qualify for financial compensation from the manufacturer.

However, anyone seeking financial compensation needs evidence to back up their claim. Hair product manufacturers are vigorously defending themselves because so much money is on the line. Judges will not simply accept a bare bones claim that you used a hair relaxer. Instead, you need to show certain facts. Below, we highlight the best evidence to use and encourage you to reach out to our firm to speak with an attorney today.

What You Need to Prove in a Hair Product Lawsuit

To successfully obtain compensation, a victim needs to prove:

  • You have uterine or endometrial cancer, which are the cancers linked to hair products;
  • You used the product at least 4 times a year;
  • You used the hair product for more than 2 years and preferably more than 5;
  • You used the product for more than 5 years or in the year immediately before you received your cancer diagnosis.

In other words, we need to show regular, prolonged, and recent use of the hair product.

We also need to prove your financial losses, like medical bills and lost income if you can’t work due to cancer. That evidence helps us prove the value of your claim. In Georgia, a personal injury victim can seek compensation for specific losses like medical bills, as well as general damages for pain and suffering.

Product Packaging or Receipts

The best evidence is proof that you purchased and used a specific hair relaxer or straightener. Pull packages out of the trash or hang onto receipts. Anything that shows you had the product in your possession is helpful.

Testimony from a Hairdresser

Maybe you had a professional straighten your hair. That is also helpful evidence. We can talk to your stylist or hairdresser to uncover which products they used on your hair and how often they applied it. Share with your lawyer the identity of your salon.

Testimony from Friends and Family

Your sister, niece, or aunt might have helped you comb the relaxer onto your hair. Their testimony is very helpful. Anyone who can back up your story that you used the product is an excellent witness to have.

Pictures over the Past 5 Years with Your Hair Relaxed

This is excellent proof that you were using relaxers. Go through your Facebook page or photo album and find pictures with your hair hanging free and relaxed. We can use these pictures as proof that you were straightening your hair during this time period. In fact, we might help you go through the photos on your phone and find as much proof as possible that you were straightening your hair.

Medical Records

You could use hair relaxers for decades but not qualify for compensation unless you can point to an injury. The current litigation has linked hair products to common cancers, like uterine cancer.

To bring a successful claim, we’ll need proof that you were diagnosed with cancer, including the date. You might only know the name of the hospital you went to, which is fine. Share whatever medical information you have. Our legal team can follow up and request the necessary medical records to use in your case.

Medical Bills & Other Expenses

One category of damages we can request is for medical care and related expenses, like prescription medication. Cancer is a tough disease. Treatment often involves surgery, chemotherapy, pain medication, and rehabilitation. We can request compensation for all financial expenses, but we’ll need proof. We might request medical bills or insurance statements. If you don’t have them at hand, that’s fine. We can request copies from your insurer or the hospital/provider who treated you.

Income Statements or W-2 Forms

We can also request lost income if your cancer keeps you out of work. Most patients miss at least a little time to recover. We can establish your income using pay stubs or your W-2 form. If you missed 6 months, then you should request half your annual salary in compensation.

Some people are self-employed or have “gig” jobs. You can also request compensation for any lost income. It’s harder to prove how much money you lost. If you have a regular part-time job, then you can also use a W-2. Independent contractors will rely on other evidence. Our legal team can help identify documents to establish part-time or self-employed income.

Proof of Pain and Suffering

We can’t forget to mention that anyone bringing a claim can request compensation for their pain and suffering. Cancer is painful. It can also lead to depression, irritability, and anxiety. We will help you document the full extent of your pain and suffering.

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No manufacturer should sell a product which causes cancer. At our firm, we have met with many women struggling with high medical bills after a cancer diagnosis. They are outraged that something as familiar as a hair relaxer could be to blame. No one ever warned them of the risks. Instead, they feel lied to.

Many of our clients have also lost a mother, wife, or daughter to cancer and are only now finding out that common hair products could be to blame. Please call our firm today, (404) 529-3476. We can meet for a free consultation to anyone who is struggling with cancer or who lost a loved one after using hair products.

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