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Five Tips for Dealing With Insurance Adjusters After a Car Accident in Georgia

Car crashes happen every day in our community. According to the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH), traffic collisions are the “leading cause of injury deaths and the second leading cause of hospitalizations and ER visits in Georgia”. Following an accident, you need money to pay your bills. Unfortunately, the big insurance companies are not known not for making the claims process easy on people. Here, our Atlanta auto accident lawyers offer five actionable tips to help you deal with insurance adjusters after a crash.

  1. Know What You are Going Up Against

The car accident insurance claims process is a lot easier when you understand what you are going up against. Large insurance companies put a lot of resources behind protecting their own financial interests. They are an opposing party—you cannot rely on an insurance company to voluntarily do what is best for you and your family.

  1. Avoiding Giving a Recorded Statement

One of the primary strategies of insurance adjusters is to get people talking about their accident. They want you to give a recorded statement because you might slip up and say something that can be taken out of context or otherwise used to limit your financial compensation. You are not required to answer questions immediately after a crash.

  1. Do Not Admit or Accept Partial Fault for the Crash

It is not your job to figure out exactly who was at fault for a crash. Georgia is a comparative negligence state. Liability for an accident is divided in direct proportion to fault. If you admit or accept partial fault, it will take money directly out of your pocket. Let your car accident lawyer handle the issue of fault.

  1. Be Patient: Do Not Settle Your Case for Less than You Deserve

Do you want to settle your car accident injury claim as fast as possible? That is a normal feeling. At the same time, it is crucial that you are patient. You need to build a strong case to justify getting the full and fair financial compensation you are owed under Georgia law. Do not let a big insurance company force you to take less money than you deserve.

  1. Consult With an Atlanta Auto Accident

Perhaps the single most important step you can take to protect your rights is to consult with an experienced Atlanta, GA car accident injury lawyer right away after a serious crash. When you hire an attorney, the insurance company has to go through them. Your lawyer will protect you and ensure that you are in the best position to maximize your settlement or verdict.

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At Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys, our Atlanta car accident lawyers know how to hold the big insurance carriers accountable for paying claims. If you have any questions about dealing with insurance adjusters after a traffic collision, we are here to help. Contact us today for a free review of your personal injury claim. With a law office in Atlanta, we handle auto accident claims throughout Georgia, including in College Park, Stockbridge, East Point, Union City, Morrow, and Riverdale.

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