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How Do Most Teen Driver Accidents Happen?

Teenagers who get a driver’s license in Atlanta are often at higher risk of being involved in—or causing—an accident than older drivers with more experience behind the wheel. Georgia places key restrictions on new teen drivers that are aimed at avoiding accidents, such as prohibiting any driving between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. and restricting passengers in the teen’s vehicle, according to the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

However, teen driving accidents do continue to happen. Indeed, as the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in Georgia reports, teen drivers between the ages of 15 and 19 have the highest rate of fatal car accidents. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that nearly 2,400 teens are killed in collisions yearly, and nearly 260,000 suffer injuries requiring treatment in emergency departments. 

What are the primary causes of teen car accidents? Our Atlanta car accident attorneys can provide you with more information.

Lack of Experience Can Lead to Collisions

Even the most conscientious teen drivers are more likely to be involved in collisions than older motorists due to inexperience. According to the CDC, due to inexperience, teen drivers are more likely than older motorists to fail to recognize a dangerous driving situation and to react accordingly, and teens are also more likely to make an error in their reactions to dangerous situations that result in more serious injuries or a worse collision. 

Distracted Driving is a Significant Problem Among Teenagers

Teen drivers are more likely than older drivers to engage in distracted driving. It is important to remember that distractions often involve talking or texting on a smartphone, or engaging in behaviors like eating or grooming that take your eyes from the road and your hands from the wheel, but there are also other significant distractions. With teen drivers, in particular, having other passengers can result in a distracted driving collision.

Speeding and Alcohol Use

Violating important traffic rules and state laws can have devastating consequences for teens. Both speeding and alcohol use are major contributing factors to teen driving collisions in Georgia and throughout the country.

Dangers of Nighttime Driving

Teens are not accustomed to driving at night, and the CDC reports that “nighttime driving is riskier than daytime driving for drivers of all ages but is particularly dangerous for teen drivers.”

Lack of Seatbelt Use

More than people of other ages, teens are less likely to wear a seatbelt, according to the CDC. Even if a teen driver does not cause an accident, failure to wear a seatbelt can result in more severe injuries when a crash does occur.

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