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Sexual Assaults in Hotels & Motels

Staying in a strange city is scary for many people, especially women traveling alone. We depend on hotels and motels to provide a clean rooms and ample security. Unfortunately, some hotels and motels are lax in that respect. They might fail to employ even minimal security measures, like properly trained front desk help, and the odds of a violent attack go up accordingly.

At Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys, we sue property owners when their negligence contributes to a sexual assault. Call us to learn more.

Situations Where a Hotel/Motel Could Be At Fault

Hotels and similar establishments must use reasonable security for the benefit of their guests. That does not mean that a hotel or motel must be a fortress with armed guards. But it does mean these businesses can’t turn a blind eye to the reality of crime in the area. They should reasonably protect their guests with sensible security measures.

For example, you might sue a hotel or motel if you are sexually assaulted due to the following:

  • The doors or windows to your room are missing locks and your assailant forces his way in.
  • The hotel staff ignores complaints of a person loitering around the premises and does not investigate.
  • Staff fails to call the police when they have reason to suspect a guest or stranger is a danger.
  • The hotel staff gives a key to your room to a stranger.
  • The parking lot is missing lights, fences, security cameras, and other safety features, which allow an assailant to attack someone in the parking lot.
  • The hotel employs a sexual predator because they failed to perform necessary criminal background checks before hiring, and this staff member assaults you.

In each of these examples, the hotel/motel failed to use adequate security to protect guests. Consequently, they bear some of the blame when a predator sexually assaults you while staying on the premises.

When You Can’t Sue the Hotel or Motel

These businesses are not always liable for the attacks which take place. For example, you might have invited someone to your room to review business contracts. While there, he slips a date rape drug into your drink and assaults you why you are unconscious. When you wake up, you realize you have been assaulted and notify the hotel, but your assailant is long gone.

In this situation, the hotel is unlikely to bear any fault for the attack. For one thing, they don’t control who you let into the room. For another, they had no idea anything unusual was happening in the room.

The legal analysis might be different if you stumbled into the hotel drunk with a strange man grabbing your arm. If you were protesting, “Let me go!” then hotel staff should have investigated further.

Your attorney will carefully examine the facts to determine what steps the hotel/motel should have taken.

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